Locin Industries Ltd.
Founded 1973

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The relationships with our principal partners are extremely important to us.  We seek to provide continual, one-on-one dialogue, planning and refinement.  

A valuable combination of flexibility and professional expertise continues to result in maximized success in brand management and sales of our products throughout Canada.
It is our goal to represent relatively few products in an exceptional manner.  We are selective of the brands, people and companies that we represent to ensure that the fit is right for both parties.  By concentrating on a select number of products, we apply the necessary focus and attention to each brand at all levels.

We recognize both the importance of thinking long term and applying a high degree of focus on the details of the moment.



The Home Team. We are a 100% Canadian company, with a home office in Vancouver, BC and distribution centers in both Toronto and Vancouver.


Convenience. Locin Industries is a vendor with all retail and wholesale outlets into Food, Pharmacy, Mass Merchandise and Club channels.  We are licensed to import and distribute regulated products including: DIN, NPN and Medical Devices.


Loyalty. As a full service distributor, we feel it is our duty to advocate on behalf of our brand partners to Canadian retailers – not the other way around.  Striking this balance is our key strength, and it is why the majority of our partners have stayed with Locin for over ten years.


Staying Power.  In the fast-paced retail environment we are an established and trusted entity, one that continues to embrace change for future business opportunities.


Solutions.  In our experience, the best solutions are often the simple ones.  That is why we strive to customize a service and financial model for each project that is simple, well designed and transparent.