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We tailor our services to suit the unique needs of each brand and principal we represent.  As products, brands and markets evolve so do our services.


A comprehensive understanding of Health Canada regulations is absolutely essential for a successful entry into this market.  As a licensed importer and distributor with Health Canada, we understand how Canadian regulations can affect everything from product formulation and labeling to advertising programs.  Our regulatory coverage includes product and site licenses for:


  • Medical Devices
  • Natural Health Products (NPN)
  • Class I Drug Products (DIN)


We can manage all aspects of regulatory, or provide specific pieces as required.






Once your brand has a home on the shelf, protecting that home becomes vital.

Although many retailers are improving execution against planograms, store level representation in Canada is still an essential part of our "blocking and tackling" efforts - one that continues to pay dividends.  This is particularly true in the Quebec market, where under provincial law all pharmacies are pharmacist owned and operated. In addition to ensuring growth of our brands in Quebec, our team of highly focused merchandisers continues to provide the following services:


  • Sales and education of in-store staff (pharmacists, owners, merchandise managers)
  • Upcoming promotions and general product awareness
  • Planogram compliance
  • Tagging
  • Identify and remedy out of stocks
  • Execute Instore POP programs
  • Extra servicing of Canada’s independent pharmacy network
  • Reporting





There are as many methods of shipping and receiving inventory as there are customers.  We leverage our relationships and expertise to ensure goods are 100% fulfilled to their destination by tailoring delivery to each customer’s unique & preferred methods.  This includes all aspects of:


  • Warehousing
  • Inbound and outbound transportation logistics
  • Trans-border shipping
  • Management of customs, duties & taxes
  • Customer inbound freight programs
  • Vendor managed inventory



































Sales, Brand Management and Strategic Planning

The best plan for your brand – that’s our goal.  By capitalizing on established relationships with category managers, buyers, category captains and merchandisers we strive for optimal positioning in all planograms and modulars. We ensure there is awareness of, and integration between trade and consumer campaigns so that sales targets can be reached- all with your overall brand strategy in mind.  Our coverage network includes all Canadian Retailers & Wholesalers in:


  • Food
  • Drug
  • Mass
  • Club
  • Medical Wholesale
  • Hospital & Institutional
  • Dental Trade & Wholesale

















Consumer Communications

Getting your message out is an essential part of a successful plan, and one that we like to be involved in.  We can assist with all aspects ...
  • Bilingual Packaging
  • Translations
  • Editing Ad copy for Canadian Markets and regulatory compliance
  • Planning and coordination of media
  • Trade Promotions
  • Trade shows
  • Public Relations